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Learn how to set-up your call capture and recording settings.

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To set up your call recording/call capture options, go to your settings page (By clicking the GEAR icon in the top right corner of the app), and scroll down to CALL SETTINGS.


Generally speaking, these may mostly be personal contacts (Or if your phone is company-owned, maybe they are primarily business).

  • Off (This option will direct calls to come in through Productive, but all recording functions will remain off, with the ability to turn them on while on the call. By choosing this option, your contacts will not hear a call recording disclosure unless you turn it on by pressing * * )

  • Record Only Me (No disclosure will be played, and only your side of the conversation is recorded. Great for self-training, improvement, and coaching)

  • Record Both (This will play your disclosure when an incoming call happens, or when you place a call from your Productive App)

  • Bypass Productive (FACETIME* - Use this feature for phone contacts if you do indeed utilize data calls such as FaceTime or WhatsApp. This option will forego Productive's features completely, to avoid missing Facetime or other Data related calls.)


If you connect a CRM to Productive, this setting will determine the recording functions of those contacts.

  • Off

  • Record Only Me

  • Record Both


For incoming calls that are not saved in your phone contacts nor in a connected CRM account, this setting will determine how those calls are captured.


If you have a contact saved both in your phone and in your CRM, this setting will determine which caller identification and data will be prioritized from. If you have a connected CRM, it's recommended you have this set to "CRM SETTING"


While on a call, the person on the other line has the option to stop a recording if they choose, when this option is turned ON. If you would not like the other party of your call to have this capability, simply turn this option OFF.

Learn how to set "Per Contact" recording settings here, and see our recommended call recording settings below.


If you primarily conduct business using a CRM:

  • Phone Contacts > CARRIER CALL

  • CRM Contacts > RECORD BOTH

  • Unknown Callers > RECORD BOTH

If you have very few business contacts you do business with and no CRM:

  • Phone Contacts > CARRIER CALL

  • CRM Contacts > OFF

  • Unknown Callers > RECORD BOTH

If you use your phone primarily for business and some personal:

  • Phone Contacts > RECORD BOTH

  • CRM Contacts > RECORD BOTH

  • Unknown Callers > RECORD BOTH

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