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How does Productive keep me compliant?
How does Productive keep me compliant?

Call recording compliance

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For incoming calls:

Productive Call Assistant plays a greeting message to inform callers that calls may be recorded or transcribed - similar to what businesses do today.

In our experience, most users prefer using the recording announcement so they don't need to request permission themselves. However, you can disable it in your app's settings if you would like to ask for permission yourself or if your local laws only require one-party consent.

We recommend you leave the disclosure message on but if you choose not to, simply obtain permission beforehand to be safe and polite.

You can just ask, "is it okay if I record this call so I don't miss anything you?" You can turn recording on and off at any time during the call, by pressing "**" (Star, Star).

For outgoing calls:

Productive Call Assistant doesn't record by default. You can turn on recording during the call after you ask for consent or if your local laws do not require two-party consent. You can also turn on automatic recording of outbound calls in your settings.

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