Call greetings are set up to inform contacts about your recordings and disclosures as to why you are doing so.

NOTE: This feature is only applicable to contacts and contact groups that are set to record. Refer to CALL RECORDING SETTINGS for further details.


  • "PLAY MY NAME": This feature allows you to be identified by FIRST NAME ONLY, FIRST AND LAST NAME, FULL NAME AND COMPANY, or NONE.

  • PRONUNCIATION: For the options you select above, you will have to spell out your names as desired, and may also have to do so phonetically.

  • INFORM CALLER REASON: There are many standard options Productive provides to inform your callers as to the reason for your recording. You may also select a CUSTOM REASON to type in.

NOTE: All contacts and contact groups (Phone, CRM, Unknown) that have recording enabled, are informed of how they can stop recording at ANY TIME by pressing ** (Star Star).

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