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Voicemail Settings
Voicemail Settings

Set up your unlimited voicemails, with automated/custom greetings.

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All your voicemails are transcribed live and presented on your home tab. Productive will handle all your voicemails, even if the contact is not being recorded in call recording settings.

VOICEMAIL GREETING: This feature allows you to be identified by:

  • GENERIC: "Record your message at the tone, press any key or stop talking to end the recording"

  • PLAY MY NAME: "After the tone, please leave a message for %FIRST + LAST NAME%"

  • CUSTOM RECORDING: This will play the custom voice recording you make via the "DIAL IN NUMBER"

DIAL-IN NUMBER: Preview your voicemail greetings and record customer greeting using the assigned access number. Tap the number, and follow the prompts.

  • PRESS "1" To record a custom greeting.

  • PRESS "2" To listen to your current voicemail greeting.

NOTE - ACCESS CODE: You will need to set an access code before dialing in, to verify your identity. You can set/change your code here anytime.

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