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How to set-up automatic call logging.
How to set-up automatic call logging.

Choose which details you want to automatically sync to your CRM and where they are saved.

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Automatically log call information, recordings, and transcripts to your CRM. To set this up, do so in 3 easy steps.


Click on the GEAR icon in the top right corner of the App, and scroll down to "APPLICATIONS". Here you will see two settings for automatic CRM call logging.


Click on the "LOG CALLS AUTOMATICALLY" drop-down menu, where you will have 4 options.

  • NO (This will avoid any automatic logging. You may still manually log calls)

  • CALL EVENTS (This will simply log the call duration, time, and date)

  • CALL EVENTS + AUDIO LINK (This will log call events, plus the audio recording of the conversation)

  • CALL EVENTS + AUDIO FILE (This will be available soon; allowing you to send the audio file itself (Not a link), to be sent to your CRM.


Click on the "NOTES LOCATION" drop-down menu. This will determine where you are logging your call events, in your CRM.

  • Call Logs (Also may be referred to as Activity History)

  • Notes (May be referred to as Notes & Attachments)

  • Custom Location (Coming Soon. Will allow you to self-direct, into your connected CRM, which field you would like to direct call logs to).

Below is an example of both Call Logs/Notes section of a Salesforce CRM, where Productive Calls are logged to.

That's all. Your calls will now be logged to your connected CRM automatically.

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