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How to make a Productive Call
How to make a Productive Call

Make calls from Productive to utilize all of its features.

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To make a call in the Productive App, tap on the phone number of the contact you wish to reach, or type it in, using the KEYPAD tab on the bottom of your App.


Click the contacts number, and select a conversation options.

  • Use Productive

  • Use regular carrier call (No Productive features)

  • Send regular text

  • Copy (Phone Number)


Once you select "call using Productive", you can simply choose what kind of recording you want to make.


You will then be prompted to call out using a Productive server number. Simple click "CALL" and your call will be connected.


That's it. Your call will now be connected using your preferred recording method. When using Productive calls you can always start or stop recordings by pressing * *. A notification will be played for both parties when this is done.

Once a call is made you can simply tap on the pop down bar to open your conversation in Productive, where you can take in-call voice notes, access contact CRM information, and e-mail history.

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