When you set up and install Productive, you are forwarding your calls to Productive's servers. If you intend to delete Productive, or wish to revert back to regular incoming carrier calls without the option of using Productive, you MUST deactivate or log out of Productive BEFORE deleting the App.

Under settings, scroll down to "ACTIVATE/DEACTIVATE".


Follow this process if you have deactivated or are trouble shooting your App to connect properly to our servers.


By deactivating Productive, your incoming calls will come in through your regular carrier method, without any Productive features. You will still have access to your conversations, notes, and lists.


This function initiates the initial set-up call when you first download the App. It is primarily a developer tool, but you can utilize it to test out Productive incoming calls and features.


This function will de-activate Productive, and log you out. The App will no longer be active, and you will not have access to your conversations or Productive features.

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