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YouMail Integration
YouMail Integration

If you want to utilize your YouMail voicemail account.

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Productive utilizes live, real-time voicemail transcription with an unlimited inbox. But if you are a YouMail customer, and would like to continue using that platform, simply proceed to the Settings page in the Productive App.

You can find your forwarding number in two ways for YouMail.


  • Sign in to

  • Navigate to Settings > My Phones

  • The call forwarding number for your account will be available at the bottom of the screen.


Go to Settings > Activate YouMail > Copy over the 10 digit phone number that is displayed. (See YouMail's help article here)

Insert the call forwarding number, into Productive Settings, under:


  • Selected drop-down options for Voicemail Service

  • Select "Forward to number"

  • Enter the YouMail call forwarding number you discovered for your account.

Test call your phone and let it ring through, and it should hit your YouMail voicemail.

That's it πŸŽ‰

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