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How to connect, set-up, and use ActiveCampaign with Productive Calls

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Note: The Productive Call Assistant is only available to users on certain carriers in the US. Register on our website to request access.

For users of Productive, here’s how to get started with connecting your mobile calls to ActiveCampaign.


First, connect to your ActiveCampaign account in your Productive App, via the settings page.

  • Click on "Connect"

  • Enter your ActiveCampaign Credentials


  • Find your ActiveCampaign credentials:
    1) In your ActiveCampaign CRM, click on SETTINGS > ACCOUNT > "ACCOUNT NAME".

    2) To find your API URL and KEY, simply click on SETTINGS > DEVELOPER > API ACCESS.

Enter these credentials in the Productive App, and click "SAVE".


Now that ActiveCampaign is connected, you can customize your settings.

#1 "Log Calls Automatically" - This feature will automatically send incoming and outgoing call details (Made through Productive) to your ActiveCampaign's Contact page. These options include:

  • No

  • Call Events (Date the call was made, which user made the call, incoming or outgoing, and duration of the call).

  • Call Events + Audio Link (If you are recording calls, either your side of the conversation or both sides of the conversation, you can log the secure link to this transcription to your call log. This allows you to access the call recording transcript on your desktop in ActiveCampaign, with the ability to search by keywords).

#2 "Log Notes Automatically" - This option is simple. Any notes you take (Written or voice-based) will be sent directly to the contacts' page in ActiveCampaign. This includes your in-call voice notes, post-call voice summaries, and typed notes.


Creating leads in ActiveCampaign has never been so simple. Either during or after your calls, simply click the "Add Contact" button in the top blue banner under the contacts phone number.

  • Select "Add to ActiveCampaign"

  • Select if you'd like to add the number to an existing contact, or simply "Create New Contact/Lead"

  • Enter in the contacts' details. You may select "Also save to phone" which allows you to save the contact on your phone contacts as well as in ActiveCampaign.

  • Once all your information is entered click "Save". And you will be notified that the contact has been successfully created in ActiveCampaign.


Once a contact is created, or if a contact from your ActiveCampaign calls you and you are in Productive, you can navigate to their ActiveCampaign contact instantly by clicking on the "ActiveCampaign" tab at the top.

You can now navigate through ActiveCampaign, while on your call with the contact.

That's it. You can also review our ActiveCampaign Productive DEMO to see it all in action.

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