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"Productive Call" Caller ID
"Productive Call" Caller ID

Why do you see "Productive Call" when receiving a call?

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Why do I only see “Productive Call” when someone calls me?

Please check in your iPhone settings that you are using LTE for Voice and Data.

This will allow data to be used when voice calls are in progress.

  • Go to iPhone settings > Cellular > Cellular Data Options > Voice & Data > LTE (Chosen) and VoLTE (Enabled). And check that Low Data Mode is disabled.

* The only scenario where you see “Productive Call” without any other caller information, is when the Productive app isn’t active on your phone or you have zero data available to your phone (e.g on a call and your phone is set to 3G). In the latter case, the calls will show up as Productive Call because there was no data available to get the caller name to show, and the accompanying notification also wasn’t able to be sent to your phone.

So it defaults to Productive Call. But you shouldn’t encounter this scenario unless there’s zero data to your phone.

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